RocketShip Hot Sauces is a small artisan sauce producer based near Norwich in Norfolk.

I’d like to say that I’ve always had a burning desire to start a chilli sauce producing business, but it wasn’t quite like that 🙂 ….

The idea came about one day around May 2018 when a friend and I were travelling home in the car from a business meeting when we got talking about what we were doing at the weekend. My friend said he’d been thinking about making some chilli sauce, I thought that sounded like a good idea and decided to give it a go myself and see how it turned out …. the rest, as they say, is history, and RocketShip was launched (pun definitely intended ☺).

I started getting some really positive feedback from friends, family and neighbours (even the postman had some) and began to think maybe I could sell this!

By August I had refined my first recipe and created RocketShip Original a fiery blend of red bell peppers and habanero chillies. It’s a bit different to other hot sauces in that it’s firmer in consistency which makes it a bit more versatile in what it can be used for.

Our first customer was the amazing Brick Pizza in Norwich who tried our RocketShip Original and loved it, they are now a great partner and have a regular amount for their restaurant in the city centre.

Sales gradually started coming in from local restaurants, pubs, and retailers, which was really encouraging …. feedback was great not only about the taste and quality, but also on the label design and the RocketShip brand. Our ambition is to bring a new fresh look and feel to the hot sauce market just as the Craft Beer brewers have done to the beer market over the past few years.

We have so far developed and released four flavours all of which are described in the Product section of our website. We have plans to expand our range further with more flavours, gift packs and other ideas all with the RocketShip brand.

Where did the name ‘RocketShip’ come from …. well my grand-daughter Amelia and I have great fun playing a game called Rocketships ☺ What a great name for a Hot Sauce company !!

Graham Heard – Owner, RocketShip Sauces Ltd


Interested in stocking RocketShip sauces? Got any questions or comments about our products? We'd love to hear from you!

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