The Sausage is a British institution and in Norfolk we have some of the finest locally reared pork in the country. I found out quite quickly after setting up RocketShip that the foodie’s of Norfolk love to celebrate the humble Norfolk banger, especially Mr Hodson πŸ™‚

Charlie had asked me if I’d like to be involved in an event he was participating in called the Great Sausage Roll Off πŸ™‚ A hotly contested competition where chefs from all over the country compete in a sausage roll version of MasterChef, basically who can make the best sausage roll. Charlie and his mate Simon Hunter Marsh (another outstanding Norfolk chef) were representing Norfolk at the event to be held at the Red Lion Pub in Barnes, West London, the event was also supporting the charity Hospitality Action.

Charlie as expected was to use all local Norfolk produce to make his version of sausage roll including Supernova as a condiment. One thing I knew was that both Original and Supernova went really well with a sausage roll, so I thought it was a great idea. As expected he was using a raft of ingredients and produce from across the county, including Suzy’s Bace Food products, Wildcraft Beer, Candi’s Chutney, meat from Walsingham and Coxfords Butchers and much more.Β  We all met up one lunchtime at Charlie’s restaurant for a roll call and some photos for the local press … I couldn’t believe it I was going to be in the paper with a bottle of RocketShip in my hand lol πŸ™‚

Well his creation was fantastic … and I was quite proud of the fact he had a bottle RocketShip Supernova as part of the final offering. The competition was fiercely contested, all chefs having to produce their sausage rolls from scratch on the day, pressure or what! … I wasn’t able to attend in person (‘day job’ again!) but it all sounded incredible fun and in the end we came 2nd, which was pretty good … Charlie’s pedigree in the event was great, 1st in 2017, 2nd in 2018 and another second this year … beaten by a worthy winner Adrian Oliver who’s based down in Cornwall. It was great being involved in the event, and brilliant publicity for my sauces.

The events calendar was starting to get busy and it was difficult to choose which ones to go to … trying to spin all the plates was proving difficult, home life, ‘day job’ commitments and sauce production was becoming a challenge. I’d decided to do one event per month, to try and make things more manageable. There was one that looked really good, The Big Norfolk Sausage Bash … again another one of Mr Hodson’s inspired ideas πŸ™‚ this time though he was in cahoots with a couple of local butchers, Jonny and Jason of Coxfords in Aylsham, again an amazing local butchers … a fantastic selection of locally sourced produce … and of course the guys had RocketShip in their shop too ;-). Also involved was Sam from Walsingham Farm Shop, who as you know I’d met before … plus we were all involved in the Roll Off earlier in the year

The event was to be held in Aylsham Town Square, my home turf you might say, and would have over 40 local producers attending … the object of the day was to promote and celebrate the humble banger. There was a chef’s cookery stage in the town hall, with lots of local chefs demonstrating and cooking up fantastic sausage inspired recipes πŸ™‚ I’d been in touch with Gary the chef at the Black Boys pub/restaurant in Aylsham and we’d decided to do a collaboration using some RocketShip Original … Gary was working with Coxfords to make a RocketShip sausage using some of my hot sauce lol πŸ™‚ fantastic.

When I arrived in Aylsham on the day of the Bash the town square was a hive of activity, the road was about to be closed off, so there was an expectation it was going to be busy! Charlie, Sam, Jason and Jonny were getting everything in place, Sam directed me to my pitch and I started to get set-up. I spotted Suzy who was also setting up just behind me, we had a chat and a coffee … we were both hopeful of a big turn out and that we’d have a good day on the till as it were.

By the time we got to 10am the place was rammed, I’d made some of my own sausage rolls (great RocketShip combo ;-)) and people were tucking in and trying the sauce … by 11am the Supernova was gone, I’d sold out! The sauce was going down a treat and I was getting some great feedback.

Gary and Charlie done their bit on the chefs stage, again similar to Holkham, I couldn’t tell you what the recipe was lol haha, I was too pre-occupied with the fact there was going to be a RocketShip Sausage cooked up on stage πŸ™‚ it was great and I’m really appreciative of Gary and Charlie promoting the sauce again … cheers guys.

It was another brilliant day, I’d taken a few quid and had a great time … I loved talking to people about RocketShip, they seem to be really interested, and like the fact it’s made locallyΒ  … it really does inspire me to continue.

Next time more customers and the birth of a new sauce as we head into the summer of 2019 πŸ™‚


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