Welcome back to the RocketShip Diaries πŸ™‚ …

After a couple of months I’d been trying all sorts of variations, different ingredients with varying quantities … the summer was here so I thought great we can try some of these sauces at our family BBQ’s, and we had quite a few lined up.

One particular weekend we had a BBQ planned at Kate and Luke’s house (my daughter and son-in-law), the whole family were there and I decided to take some of my creations over for a test run. At this point I hadn’t really thought about giving the sauces a name, but thought it would be a bit of fun to stick some labels on the bottles even if it was just to have the heat levels on there …. but what could I call it?Β I wanted a name that was catchy and memorable, I still hadn’t even thought about marketing the sauces at this point .. so putting a name on them was just a bit of a laugh.

Our granddaughter Amelia was about a year old, our first grandchild, and my wife and I loved her coming over to see us, we had great fun playing all sorts of games … there was one game in particular she absolutely loved, we would count down .. 5-4-3-2-1, I’d then lift her up in the air like a rocket taking off, it was brilliant fun … the game became known as Rocketships! πŸ™‚ She’s three now so playing Rocketships is a little more difficult these days!

As you can imagine we then scoured Amazon and eBay for all the Rocket or Space ship themed toys we could find lol πŸ™‚

So back to the name, I was racking my brains, then it dawned on meΒ  … Rocketship …. brilliant, nice and catchy … I could hear people saying ‘can you pass me the Rocketship please’ to put on their burger. That was it Rocketship Hot Sauce, we had the name and I started to trawl the internet looking for rockets and other space related pictures and began labelling a few of the bottles for the BBQ.

The sauces went down a treat, in particular the one with the Scotch Bonnet chillies … people liked the flavour, and the kick was about right … quite fiery πŸ™‚ I was really pleased … people started saying things like ‘have you ever thought about selling this stuff Graham, it’s great’!!! I went home that evening having had some tasty food, a few beers and a great time …. something kept playing back in my mind though ‘selling Rocketship’ …. really!

The next day I kept thinking about it … could I actually sell this stuff, how would I go about it … I didn’t know the first thing about food manufacturing and selling to the public. My thoughts turned to the ‘Day Job’ the only experience I had to call on, how do we release a product in a large enterprise company? Well one things for sure its not a 5 minute job, sometimes it can take months, years even …. would getting a bottle of hot sauce into a shop or a restaurant be that hard,Β  surely not!

I went back to my friend Mr Google and started looking at what was involved … Environmental Health, Trading Standards, Marketing, Selling, what about a Business plan and could I actually make any money! … it sounded like a mine field. I decided to crunch some numbers and thought about juggling the day job … I could take it one month at a time and see how it went, start by trying to get some interest and see if I could actually sell something.Β  I decided to give myself a year, I hadn’t invested a huge amount so I could stop if I needed to.Β  Then I remembered … a potential secret weapon πŸ™‚ my sister Caroline, she’s a technical director at a food manufacturing company … bingo!!! in house consultancy, this is getting exciting … lets go for it πŸ™‚

The following evening I got on the phone to Caroline … the conversation went something like this … ‘Hi Sis, how’s it going .. you know that sauce I’ve been making, well I’ve called it Rocketship and I’m planning on flogging it’ … there was a slight pause (I think she was picking herself up off of the floor) ‘that’s great Gray’ she said.. ‘but you’re a IT person, and you can’t cook’ lol hahaha.

I then explained the plan and she loved the idea, she couldn’t believe that she’d been in the food industry for 20 years and her big brother, who works in IT was going to start a food business! lol … Caroline has been brilliant, her depth of knowledge and experience is amazing and without her help and guidance I’d never achieved half of what I’ve done so far … I’m sure my little Sis will get another mention later πŸ™‚

So that’s where we got the name RocketShip and how I made the decision to try and sell some sauce .. RocketShip Sauces was born. Oh … you probably noticed the ‘s’ has become a big ‘S’ … not sure why I started doing that to be honest … I think it just made the name stand out a little more :-).


Next time it’s all about our RocketShip Original Hot Sauce and how we started to try and get it to market πŸ˜‰

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