Hi everyone, my name’s Graham Heard and I’m the Founder of RocketShip Sauces.

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while is to start a blog about how my Rocketship journey started and what’s happened to get us where we are today. I’ve had a lot of people ask me what made me start a hot sauce company and where the idea came from. We’ve got a great intro on our Story page but there’s loads more that’s happened over the 18 months or so we’ve been going and it would be great to share it with you 🙂

So I’m planning on posting a series of blogs over the coming weeks charting our journey from the concept of Rocketship through to the present day … there’s going to be plenty of shout outs for friends, customers and fellow producers who’ve helped us get where we are. I’m going to talk about the name Rocketship, and how that came about, the branding, producing, bottling, the ideas behind the different flavours and what the A34 between Newbury and Bicester has got to do with things ;-).

It’s only when you start thinking about what’s happened you remember how much has actually gone on and the work that’s gone in behind the scenes.

We’d love to hear from you as well, I’ve spoken to so many lovely people over the last 18 months and they’ve all been so complimentary about the sauce … tell us where you first bought some Rocketship, your favourite flavour, what you eat it with and we’ll do a shout out on social media.

Expect a blog release every week, probably on a Monday … not sure how many weeks it’ll run for as I’ve not written it all yet lol, but I shall give it a go

All the best everyone, please stay at home, be safe and eat hot sauce 🙂



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