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Teen favourite

My eldest teen loves this sauce. He’s now on his second bottle since Christmas.

Range for all tastes and moods

I'm a fan of the Solar and Orbit and my husband is at the other end with the Super Nova. The sauces add some lovely flavours and heat to a variety of foods... we have several different bottles at home. I love the flexibility of the mix & match option. The Orbit is so good, I ordered two in the box (we go through it fast!).

Hot sauce with every meal

This sauce is the best on the market. I’ve tried most! Clearly quality fresh ingredients and natural heat. The supernova is amazing. On eggs, on burgers, well... on everything

It’s not just for wings...

If you thought you had to save your bottle of Comet for bbq season you are soooo wrong. Mix avocado, cherry tomatoes, lime juice, salt and black pepper with a generous dollop of Comet and you have a fantastic partner for bacon, egg and hot buttered toast. Quite clearly the best hot sauce brand on the market. Keep on burning Rocketship.

Look Superb - Cant wait to taste

I purchased a mixed box of sauces and a jar of the cranberry seasonal special sauce as presents for my brother who loves all things Chilli'ish! They look fantastic and I look forward to him giving me some flavoursome feedback!

Outstanding stuff

I love all of Graham’s sauces, but this one is just a little bit special. A big fan of all the ingredients already; bringing them together is a work of culinary art. Thus far I’ve titivated bacon sandwiches and used as a dip for crudités and chicken pieces.


This is honestly the best Christmas sauce I’ve ever had!! I’m not usually a fan of cranberry sauce but this is so so good! The fact it has a hot twist as well just makes it all the more delicious! I’ve had it on sandwiches, chicken dishes and used half a jar of it just with cheese and crackers the other day. Couldn’t recommend enough!! Another amazing product from Rocketship 🙂


Best hot sauce ever!

Perfect balance of sweet and spicy

Bought this sauce at a farmer's market and immediately went online to buy more once we'd tasted it! It's the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. It goes with everything and is not overpowering, but is very flavoursome. Great hot sauce!

Just lovely

Wanted a hot sauce that my husband and I would both enjoy, he's really into heat where as I'm all about flavour. So this one is a perfect delicious sauce for both of us.

Such a good addition to any meal!

We absolutely love this sauce! We use it as a wing sauce and as a dipping sauce and it's absolutely delicious! So much flavour and so much heat!


I love BBQ sauce and I love hot sauce, this is the perfect balance! It has a great smokey taste and a lovely chilli after kick. Highly recommended!

Game changer!

Comet has got to be THE sauce of the summer! Whack it in a burger, smother on wings or just great for dipping with a side of chips! Possibly my new favourite out of the RocketShip collection! 👏👌🚀


Cumberland sausage, wrap and RocketShip original - fantastic combo!! Highly recommended 👍

New product!

We were lucky enough to try the new “comet” sauce with a bbq and it was a perfect accompaniment to the burgers, pork and chicken. You don’t need much to feel the heat but it was so tasty and once released we will be buying more!

Totally addictive

This stuff is superb! One of the best hot sauces I’ve tried and I’ve had A LOT. Wonderful fruity pepper taste (much more than you get with most brands) with the perfect level of heat to give a bit of warmth to anything. I’m addicted.

Great to choose your favourites!

This is perfect to be able to choose a couple of the sauces that you want to try- either for yourself as a gift for someone else! My Dad loved getting it for his birthday, and the other pack we bought for ourselves is getting used up quickly as well!


This sauce is with out a doubt one of the best hot sauces I have tried and I have tried many. The sauce just has a beautiful freshness to it that just needs to be tasted and not just by hot sauce lovers. You will not be disappointed. The bottle doesn't last long so its worth ordering several!!

Great gift!

I bought this for my dad’s birthday and he loved it. The mix and match option mean’t I could select his favourites - original, solar and supernova. All presented in a neat gift box...perfect!!! Will definitely be purchasing another Lunar Module for Father’s Day!

Great Sauce

A lovely sauce and a great accompaniment for loads of dinners. Have reordered as the bottle went so quickly! Hoping the Solar and Orbit are just as nice.

Saucy BBQ

Great addition to a BBQ, really enjoyed this sauce 👍🏻


Possibly the best hot sauce ever. I put it on everything!!!
Lovely fresh zingy taste along with the perfect hot chilli kick.

Yummy and very moorish!

As a big fan of the original sauce, I tried this and was equally impressed! Full of flavour and not too hot.... the only problem is that we could easily get through a bottle between us in one sitting!

Best Chilli Sauce!

My husband and I love this chilli sauce - unlike others we have tried it has great depth of flavour as well as a good chilli kick! Highly recommended and great with chips!

Perfect on pizza 🙂

Very delicious always have them when we go to brick pizza and they go perfectly with pizza !!

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